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Video of Mike now on YouTube!

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Mike's Music has been featured on 5 TV shows in the past year.

1.Boogie Woogie:In the
Moment:Gretchen Wilson
CMT channel

2.Boogie Woogie: Whats
Hot! Whats Cool  Episode#6
Food Network

3.Irrational National: White
House Pets
Animal Planet

4.Wild Turkey Woods: Big Texas
History Channel

5.Wild Turkey Woods: Ready for the Weekend Movie 402
USA Network
In 1998
The Friends of Northwest
New Jersey Musicians
honored Mike as
Blues Artist of the Year.
Editorial Reviews

“ This New Jersey
guitar hero (in the best sense of the term) plays
instrumental and vocal blues, rock, country &
folk tunes with consummate grace and skill.”

–Dave Rubin,
Tri-State Blues Magazine

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Hello and thanks for visiting my web site.

When I was 17 years old, I saw my first National Steel guitar on the back of Johnny Winters’ “Progressive Blues Experiment” album. I fell in love with the incredible bluesy sound that Johnny was getting on that instrument and hoped to find a National Steel of my own one day. I had been playing bass guitar since I was 13 years old and had done tons of gigs in various bands around the New Jersey/ New York area but felt like a new adventure was waiting for me. One day, in 1971, a National Steel “Style O” showed up at a friend’s music shop and so I purchased it. Robert Johnson was an early hero of mine and trying National Steel on some of his old time Delta blues songs just sounded so great. I was now in bottle neck guitar heaven and began singing and playing the music of all the great blues legends, beginning on a road that would take me deep into the world of American roots music that I love so much.

I delved into the many types of National Steel music and began studying the styles of the masters - Jim and Bob, Bukka White, Tampa Red and others. Later, I purchased a square neck National Tricone and began learning lap-style playing as perfected by the great Sol Hoppi.

Now that I look back, I guess it was a completely natural progression for me to discover and ultimately fall in love with the sound of another of the great American steel instruments - the Dobro. I had heard one as early as 1968, on a Jerry Jeff Walker album but had no idea what it was or even what the darn thing looked like. It wasn’t until a fellow by the name of Mike Auldridge put out his first solo record that I got to see a Dobro and of course, hearing it being played by a master like Mike was all I needed - I HAD to have one! A wonderful 60D Dobro crossed my path a short time later and so it became part of my arsenal. There were no books or instructional videos back then and that meant I was on my own but with the help of a good friend and well known collector and player from the Dobro community, Dick Blattenberger, I began to teach myself the Dobro.

I’ve been living the resonator guitar life now for the past 30 years or so and have done a lot of great gigs and have met many wonderful people along the way. The Dobro and National Steel community is made up of the most interesting and diverse music and musicians and to be a part of that great tradition has been a true blessing in my life. To play down home bottle neck blues one minute, go to that high lonesome bluegrass sound the next and then try to take the resonator repertoire to another new and exciting level has made this musical journey that I’ve been on a rich and rewarding one.

Mike Esposito